.NET Online Seminars

Why move to Visual Basic .NET
Understand all of the reasons to move to Visual Basic .NET: IDE Enhancements, language changes that update Visual Basic .NET, and productivity benefits from building Windows Forms applications. See how to access the underlying platform and the base class library, and see how deploying your applications is much easier with No-Touch Deployment.
How to move to Visual Basic .NET – Part I
Learn about moving your code and applications to Visual Basic .NET, and find out what you need to do in order to ensure a successful upgrade. In this first part of the series, learn how to upgrade code in Visual Studio .NET 2003 and how to interoperate with existing COM components.
How to move to Visual Basic .NET – Part II
In this second part of the two part series, learn how to migrate data-access code from ADO to ADO.NET. Then learn how to migrate Win32 API calls and migrate your UI to Visual Basic .NET.
Migrate your skills and code to Visual Basic .NET
See how easy it is and how much more productive you can be when building desktop applications with Visual Basic .NET. Key changes to the language, runtime, data access, and deployment show how you can quickly get up to speed and migrate your skills as a Visual Basic 6 programmer to Visual Basic .NET.
Building Data Centric Windows Forms Applications
This session shows how to use the ADO.NET classes to build data-driven applications.
Developing Pocket PC Applications using Visual Studio .NET
This session explores how to develop Pocket PC 2002 applications with the .NET Compact Framework and Smart Device Extensions for Visual Studio .NET.
Building Applications with the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit
Learn about mobile-development challenges, building a mobile application, mobile application controls, pagination, and implementing device-specific content.
Advanced Web Services
Learn about ASP.NET Web services, SOAP headers, Web services security, and SOAP extension classes.
.NET Class Library from A to Z
This session provides an introduction to what’s in the Base Class Library and how to put it to work in your applications.
Architecting an Application Using the .NET Framework
Learn to leverage the .NET framework's strengths in designing solutions.Building a .NET Application
This seminar consists of overviews of Duwamish, the user-services layer, the data-access layer, the business logic layer, and application flow.
ASP.NET with Visual Studio .NET
Learn about Web forms, use of Global.asax, working with session state, securing ASP.NET applications, using Web.Config, caching, and monitoring ASP.NET applications.
Introduction to ASP.NET
This seminar introduces server controls, data controls, ASP.NET Web applications, business objects, and Web services.
Debugging .NET Applications
Learn about debugging Web forms applications, Web services, and Windows Forms applications, and get an introduction to tracing. Develop Distributed Applications using .NET Remoting
Learn how to develop applications that leverage .NET Remoting. .NET Remoting is the preferred mechanism for communication between applications when you have .NET on both ends. Learn about singletons and single-call objects, configuration files, and about server-activated and client-activated objects.
Implementing .NET Security
Learn about .NET Security and how to implement Code Access Security and to manage Evidence-Based Security policies. Then learn about Isolated Storage and Cryptography.
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Jealous wife ‘cut off sleeping husband’s penis’ – www.smh.com.au

Yikes! Be careful about what you get on your phone.

A jealous wife reportedly cut off her sleeping husband's penis in Manila after finding a text message from another woman on his mobile phone.

Antonio Llanesiras, 30, was being treated at the Pasay City General Hospital in the Philippines.

But surgeons hold little hope of reattaching the plumber's severed organ, which was brought in by his wife carefully wrapped in a piece of cloth, the Manila Standard reported.

It was not immediately clear if charges would be filed against the woman


Nasty new IE vulnerability

Most people reading are probably aware of the common trick whereby spammers and other assorted ne'er-do-wells publish URLs with usernames that look like hostnames to fool people in to trusting a malicious site - for example, http://www.microsoft.com&session%123123123@simon.incutio.com. This trick is frequently used by spammers to steal people's PayPal accounts, by tricking them in to "resetting" their password at a site owned by the spammer but disguised as PayPal.com.

Today's new Internet Explorer vulnerability makes the problem a hundred times worse. By including an 0x01 character after the @ symbol in the fake URL, IE can be tricked in to not displaying the rest of the URL at all. Don't expect a patch for a while either; the guy who discovered the bug released it to BugTraq on the same day he notified the vendor.

[Simon Willison's Weblog]

Javascript Trick

Did you know that you can execute javascript statements against a web page, just like using the Immediate window in Visual Basic 6? I just learnt this today.

Browse to a web page that has a disabled textbox and type this (replace the form and textbox names) in the address bar and hit enter.

javascript:void(document.Form1.txtBox1.disabled = false)

Presto you have an enabled textbox! Think of all the fun you can have on web sites that only have client side validation?

WinFX: An All-Managed API

Ian Griffiths has an excellent article on WinFX (the managed API for Longhorn). It also gives you a clear insight into the future of .NET and why we all will be ultimately developing using .NET. If you don’t know what WinFX is then read this. [Read more]

It’s Official — Office is an Operating System

When you can write nearly perfect versions of PacMan and Space Invaders in your favorite productivity application, you know it's crossed the boundary. Of course, treating cells like pixels and implementing the game by changing the background colors probably wasn't what the Excel developers had in mind, but frankly, that's not much different than what the guys writing the original games had to deal with. Wow.
[Marquee de Sells: Chris's insight outlet]

Mystic Microsoft

This was a fascinating ebook, it was so good that I read the whole book in a weekend.

Spiritual Transformation in the Halls of High Technology - Kraig Brockschmidt, former employee of Microsoft wrote this draft copy for his (new) book. Not sure if its been published yet or not but its very interesting. Its not about MS's products or about arguments over Linux/OpenSource etc. Its about the spiritual transformation which the author went through during his 8 years of work at MS. [via Ramesh]

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