MSDN Chapter Meeting in Colombo

Microsoft is holding it’s first MSDN chapter meeting in Colombo on the 13-Jan-2004 at the Colombo Plaza. You can pre-register online by visiting the site here


The following is the agenda for the event.



8.30 Registration


Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic.NET Comparison


9.00 Introduction - Harish Hariharan, Microsoft

9.10 Best practices for upgrading VB 6.0 projects to VB.NET - (Edmund Quek)


Migrating existing Visual Basic 6.0 projects to Visual Basic.NET


10.10 Language enhancements in Visual Basic.NET - (Edmund Quek)

11.10 Coffee Break with mingling with speakers

11.30 Upgrading and deploying windows forms applications to Visual Basic.NET - (Matthew Hardman)

12.30 Lunch


Visual Basic.NET & New Technology


01.15 Developing Pocket PC applications using Visual Basic.NET - (Matthew Hardman)

02.15 .NET Connected Logo and Windows Verification Program - (Matthew Hardman)


02.30 Evaluation Form collection and Prize draw.


So what are you waiting for? Go register soon, it’s very rarely that you see guys from Microsoft coming down to Colombo, so let’s make the best use of it.

Horizon School

Check out Horizon school situated in Mahavilachchiya in the Anuradhapura district. It is a small informal IT school which is taking giant leaps and bringing out stories into the open. I hope these kids could one day be able to have their own blogs so that we in Sri Lanka know how each other live and help make changes in people’s lives.

A Sri Lankan Portal owned by you and me?

I just got an idea reading this piece on Wired News on how Howard Dean was able to use the power of social networks to build his campaign for the presidency. My idea is to build a portal that all Sri Lankan’s can visit, one that is vibrant and appealing to the masses, but also one that is contributed and maintained by the masses.

Confused? Let me explain. I want to build a basic framework for a portal and then delegate various sections (Entertainment, Politics, Music, Drama, Theatre, etc) to anyone willing to contribute. We could have a News section where anyone can post news articles once it grows big news could be localized by city and the latest news would be on our site because we’ll have the power of the people.

Now I’ll need to get started I need to think of a name, register a domain, decide where to host? If we do this right we’re going to have a big impact on the media in Sri Lanka!

Back from Vacation / Driver’s License Exam

Merry X’ Mas everybody! I’ve been at home in the Majestic city of Kandy during the past few days. I didn’t get to enjoy much though after having caught a bad flu and being in bed for three days. Anyways I’m back at work and right now I’m studying for my Driver’s License exam tomorrow (it’s the written on The Highway Code).

I’m pretty much using the book that my brother had bought and he has highlighted a bunch of places and asked me to study just those for the exam. I’ve taken this test lightly since I figured they couldn’t be as hard as the Microsoft ones. Anyway tomorrow we’ll know. And if there isn’t a nondisclosure clause on the exam (like what Microsoft has) then I’ll be free to blog whatever questions I can remember. I tried searching online on Google for any past papers, sample questions but couldn’t find any.

England Vs Sri Lanka

Hareendra (Pala) and I went to watch the final England Vs Sri Lanka Test match at SSC on the last two days. Shasheendra joined us after lunch on the last day and we had a blast watching Sri Lanka give England a good beating. There was never a dull moment with the Barmy Army keeping us entertained. And we got to see something (not cricket) that you guys who weren’t there missed (check out Manjeeva’s site under comments to get a clue).

Kudos to Murali for his Man of the Series performance and getting ever closer towards breaking Courtney Walsh’s record of most test wickets.

Buy Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004… and help save the world has an interesting series of articles on the work that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is doing on improving world health. I know it's easy to be cynical about Gates' investments in such things, but the sheer scope and numbers are quite dizzying. For example:

  • he is pumping $800 million a year into his global health initiative -- nearly matching the entire World Health Organization budget.
  • Gates' immunization efforts have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

One of my colleagues pointed out how working for Microsoft (and being a customer of Microsoft) we contribute in some small way to this ingoing work.

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