Back from Vacation / Driver’s License Exam

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Merry X’ Mas everybody! I’ve been at home in the Majestic city of Kandy during the past few days. I didn’t get to enjoy much though after having caught a bad flu and being in bed for three days. Anyways I’m back at work and right now I’m studying for my Driver’s License exam tomorrow (it’s the written on The Highway Code).

I’m pretty much using the book that my brother had bought and he has highlighted a bunch of places and asked me to study just those for the exam. I’ve taken this test lightly since I figured they couldn’t be as hard as the Microsoft ones. Anyway tomorrow we’ll know. And if there isn’t a nondisclosure clause on the exam (like what Microsoft has) then I’ll be free to blog whatever questions I can remember. I tried searching online on Google for any past papers, sample questions but couldn’t find any.