I’m a Product Manager at Microsoft in the Microsoft Entra, Customer Acceleration Team (CAT). In my day job I help some of Microsoft’s largest enterprise customers deploy Microsoft Entra succesfully. I also collaborate with product and engineering teams on new Microsoft Entra features with a focus on the Identity side of Microsoft Graph.

In my free time I like to build tools and apps to help the community and also share my knowledge through social media. Below you can find some of the things I’ve built and contributed to.


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My apps and projects

Here are a few of the things I’ve built or contributed to.

Microsoft Community

Utilities that anyone in the Microsoft community will find useful.

Microsoft Entra

Utilities for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Entra admins and cybersecurity folks.

  • idPowerToys.merill.net
    • Microsoft Entra related power toys including a Conditional Access visualizer and Entra mind maps.
  • Entra.News
    • Stay up to date on all things Entra with this weekly newsletter with the latest updates on Microsoft Entra from both Microsoft and the community.
  • aka.ms/AppNames
    • Repository hosting a daily updated csv/json of Microsoft first party app names and their GUIDs
  • Entra Exporter
    • PowerShell module that exports all the config and data of a Microsoft Entra tenant.
  • Azure AD Assessment
    • Guidance to assess the health of an Azure AD tenant and provide best practice guidance / recommendations.
  • MSIdentityTools
    • Collection of useful cmdlets for common Azure AD functionality

Microsoft Graph

Utilities for everyone that works with Microsoft Graph and Graph PowerShell.

Diversity & Inclusion

More Information

Hey folks,

Need to get in touch with me? Feel free to contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn. If you want to drop me an email send to merill at merill.net


Merill Fernando