Linux is not free, part II

Hewlett-Packard (HP) last week disclosed company record-setting revenue of $2.5 billion from its Linux-based offerings for fiscal year 2003.

Wow:  $2,500,000,000 in Linux revenue.  And that's only one company.  Next time your company is going up against a Linux solution because of cost, feel free to drop this bit of info.  I feel for the suckers that write Linux code for free.  They may think they're sticking it to Microsoft, but they're really the ones getting shafted.

Wake up, Industry, Linux is not free!

HP claims $2.5B in Linux revenue []

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Keele MSc @ IIT – Results Delay

Last year I completed my MSc in IT from Keele, this is through the Informatics IIT centre in Colombo. Unfortunately even though Keele and IIT are private institutes their delays in announcing results to students makes them no different from the universities in Colombo. In addition to this we had to pay out a hefty sum for the course. One would think that at least their service would have been comparatively better.

Anyway I’ve just written out a mail to them and I’m hoping that at the very least I would get a prompt reply.

You might think from this rant that I don’t have anything good to say about Keele and IIT, on the contrary there were many positives and high points during my stay there but I’ll leave that out for another post.

Neat VS.NET Trick

One of the best keyboard shortcuts for a developer! When in a code window for Visual Studio, you can go full screen, hiding all the other windows, toolbars, title bars, and even your start bar. This is the same effect that Internet Explorer has when it's in "Full Screen" mode.


SHIFT + ALT + ENTER = Toggle Full Screen Mode


Many years ago I vowed never to purchase an Internet browser. It's just one of those things that I couldn't justify spending money on--similar to how I would never buy a pdf viewer, flash player, or music player. However, Scoble has been discussing Internet Explorer and someone in the comments mentioned an application called iRider (an app that takes tabbed browsing and punches it in the face). I checked it out, found it interesting enough to download and install, and I have to say this thing floored me. I mean, in the short couple of hours since installing it, it has made me view regular IE as plain, like comparing Wordpad to Word 2K3. Check it out. It'll shift the way you browse the Internet and make you feel good while doing it--it's just a sweet little app. After the 21 day trial, I'll be purchasing it...

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Drought in Sri Lanka

Cabinet has given the go-ahead to ‘maximise’ use of thermal power in the short term, as officials warn of a drought and an inevitable capacity shortfall in the months ahead.

A delay in the North East monsoon in the largely hydropower dependant country has seen reservoir levels fall to an average 31.8 percent as at Wednesday.

Cabinet spokesperson Professor G.L. Peiris said Wednesday that a decision had been taken to maximise the use of thermal power in the short term, but did not elaborate.

With zero inflows into the reservoirs currently, the system is generating some five million units of hydropower a day, as against a demand of about 23 million units, Energy sector specialist, Dr. Tilak Siyambalapitiya said.

“We are already in the middle of the drought,” warns Siyambalapitya.

An unfortunate but predictable lack of adequate thermal generating capacity in the system could mean a round of blackouts, if rains continue to fail or emergency power. [Read more]

Bryan Adams in Colombo!

Two Indian entertainment companies are jointly organising a concert of Canadian pop icon Bryan Adams in Sri Lanka to support the island's peace process.

Showdiff, a partnership between cricketer Ravi Shastri, and Redifussion, together with Rapport Global Events are planning the two-hour concert by Adams on February 10. [Read more]