The TheServerSide.Net is a must read site for .NET developers, I’ve been a fan of for the past few years and really love the community feedback on various issues. This will be the Slashdot for .Net guys.

In the .Net world, The Middleware Company is launching TheServerSide.NET, a free, online resource for enterprise .Net and architects and developers. A sibling of the company's site for Java developers, the .Net site will provide news, technical case studies, design patterns, and even satire for .Net developers while serving as a medium for knowledge exchange, according to the Middleware Company.

The company is expanding its reach to .Net in recognition of the development technology's presence in enterprises.

"The reality is that enterprises are heterogeneous, using multiple technologies," said Tyler Jewell, chief operating office at The Middleware Company.

Using Scott Watermasysk's .Text program, over 150 Microsoft bloggers can now be found at This is sure to be not only a wealth of interesting technical information, but additionally a way to really get to know many of the developers who are working at Microsoft. It's sometimes difficult to remember that these folks are developers, just like you. You will find blogs from well known devs at MS such as Don Box, Scott Guthrie, Rob Howard, Chris Anderson, Yasser Shohoud and Paul Vick as well as Program Managers and people who work on MSDN. Some blogs are "team blogs" such as the BCLTeam and the C++ Testing Team. Not only do you get lots of great info, but some fundamental insight to how things work at Microsoft and how you can be involved in the process.

Microsoft takes on Linux with free tools

Microsoft is giving away SFU (Services For Unix) free of charge (this was earlier charged $99). SFU was awards Best of Breed last year for programs under the Unix category. If you work in the mixed Linux/Unix + Windows network environment and haven’t heard of SFU (which would be very hard to believe) you’re really missing out.


CNET: Microsoft plans to broaden its attack on Linux and related operating systems this week by giving away a set of tools for migrating applications to Windows. [Read more]

Flaw threatens VoIP networks

Microsoft and Cisco are on a long list of technology companies whose products may be affected by vulnerabilities in a messaging standard. But Microsoft and Cisco have both issued patches. In the case of Microsoft, the ISA server is the one in trouble. So get your latest patch soon. [Read more]

Any News on the Microsoft Event?

I wasn’t able to go for the Microsoft Event over here in Colombo the other day due to two reasons. The first was that even though I registered on the site I never got an invitation, Jinath from Teamwork told me that he too registered on the site but didn’t get one although one of his colleagues had got an invitation for the event so go figure. Secondly I had some other work and didn’t have time (or was too lazy!) to call up the organizers to get an invitation, I’m sure they would have gladly obliged. But the point is that Microsoft India needs to do a better job of organizing these, they should have at the least notified their Partners.

Anyway enough of my ranting, the reason I posted was to find out if any of you went to the event, if so let us know how it went.

MySQL AB Adds Enterprise Features in MySQL 5.0

Stored Procedures on MySQL… at last!

MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, today announced that a major new version of its database software, version 5.0, is now available. The new release includes the addition of stored procedures as well as other advances designed to enhance the development of large-scale enterprise database applications. The MySQL 5.0 alpha development release is now available for testing and evaluation by the open source community. Read more

Microsoft Skills Assessment Home

Check out Microsoft’s Skills Assessment page. You can take assessments which are typically 30 questions with an hour to answer them, after completing the assessment you will receive a Personalized Learning Plan to help you understand if you are ready to implement specific business solutions. Your Personalized Learning Plan includes the Microsoft Official Curriculum courses, Microsoft Press books, and Microsoft TechNet resources that will help you with your preparation.


Download SpaceMonger directly from here

Ever find that your hard-drive is full but have no idea where all the space went?  Check out SpaceMonger.  It is an awesome graphical tool for viewing what is taking up the most space on your computer. 

[Weblogs @ ASP.NET]

HOWTO: Make Outlook Web Access Your Default Mail Agent

Here's a little off-topic post for you all.  HOWTO: Make OWA your default mailer.

1.  Add the following to a .reg file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Outlook Web Access"

@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe\" http://server/exchange/alias/"

2.  Import it into the registry by double-clicking the .reg file  (Please know that mucking with the registry is potentially dangerous and can make your system unstable).

3.  Boot IE

4.  Go to IE's Tools / Options...  Programs tab

5.  Choose “Outlook Web Access” from the E-mail dropdown.

6.  Hit OK.

Now when you hit the “Mail” button on your MS keyboard you get OWA coming up automatically.  You can also add OWA to the Start Menu now, just right+click on it and choose Properties, then click the Customize start menu and choose “Outlook Web Access” from the E-mail dropdown.


[Weblogs @ ASP.NET]