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Get your copy of Vista RC1 today

less than 1 minute read

The latest version of of Vista (RC1) is available for public download. Go get it now at

Windows XP EULA in Plain English

less than 1 minute read

The guys over at have a slightly biased ‘Plain English’ translation of the legalise in the Windows XP EULA. Many of us have cli...

XslCompiledTransform Performance

less than 1 minute read

Have you’ve ever written any code on .NET that does XSL transformations? Here’s another strong reason why you might think of making the jump...


1 minute read

Sri Lanka is finally starting to take it’s fledgling steps in moving to the internet. Yesterday, I booked tickets through (wow 200...

Windows Live Writer

less than 1 minute read

Microsoft just released Windows Live Writer today and I'm guessing this is going to replace BlogJet as my default editor. Get it here. Just a quick summary o...