Samsunig i310 Announced – With an 8Gb HD!

Our mates at</a> have got news on samsung galaxy s8 contracts</span> involving a new handset from Samsung. This is the i310 and comes with an 8Gb hard drive. Samsung are really throwing the punches at the moment. Their Samsung i320</a> QWERTY phone is already thinner and smaller than the Motorola Q</a>, plus their i300</a> got uprated to a 4Gb HD with the i300x.

The new Samsung i310 comes complete with an 8Gb drive, Windows Mobile 5.0, a 2 Megapixel camera with flash, MicroSD (TransFlash) memory, TV-output, USB 2.0 (which can be used as external connection), stereo speakers, a digital amplifier and - yes - Stereo Bluetooth A2DP. We should see the real deal at CeBIT 2006</a>, which starts on March 9th.

The Samsung i310 should be available here in Europe during the second-half of this year.

Link -</a> - Samsung gets ready for CeBIT</a>

Turning back the clock

This turning the clock around thingy is becoming a fashion statement that every Sri Lankan President wants to do. Right now its Mahinda mamaa’s turn and he wants us to go back by 30 minutes. This way we go into the same timezone as that in the LTTE controlled areas as well as India’s.

Personally I prefer the time as it is now since I get to work early and have more daylight in the evenings. What I’m interested in finding out is whether there will be a Windows patch to change the timezone or if we’ll need to wait till Vista is out.

We do live in interesting if not wierd times.

March user group meeting today

If your a .NET developer in Colombo and are into developing smart client applications make sure you don’t miss the user group meeting today. We have two sessions with one be Wela focusing on the current Windows Forms 2.0 and the other by Isuru on WPF, the next big thing in client development.

Plus we also have some goodies. Five exam vouchers to be given away worth 12,500/– each.

Let’s hook up.

Leaving Microsoft

A lot of you guys already know that I left Microsoft Sri Lanka after being on the job for just five months. The big question everyone wants to know is. Why?

This quote from the the classic Mythical Man Month says it all: The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly removed from pure thought-stuff. He builds his castles in the air, from air, creating by exertion of the imagination. Few media of creation are so flexible, so easy to polish and rework, so readily capable of realizing grand conceptual structures.

Do I regret joining Microsoft? No. It was truly a great experience. I got to work with some really great people, was involved in some of the really cool stuff that happened in Sri Lanka like Tech.Ed 2005, Visual Studio launch, Imagine Cup 2006 and a number of other smaller things.

What do I do now? Well I’ve joined Assette (formerly BTA) again. My boss was really wonderful about taking me back and I’m super charged about the exciting stuff that we’re working on. Would you believe that we’ve already moved on to SQL Server 2005?

So expect to see and hear more from me.

So tell me again, why is it an interesting time to be a Windows developer?

Check this out!

- Microsoft stunned its customers last month with a swarm of product announcements at its Professional Developers Conference (PDC).

- An unprecedented lineup of desktop, server, and developer offerings fuel Microsoft’s largest assault ever on the enterprise.

- The breath and depth of new technology from Microsoft is staggering, from four new APIs to new versions of its Office, SharePoint, Visual Studio, CRM, ERP and other apps.

So what are you waiting for? Get your ass down to Tech.Ed Sri Lanka and check them all out.

I’m pissed off with the consular officer at the US Embassy

I've been seeing a lot of new lately on all the fun that the MVPs are having at the Global MVP Summit in Redmond and boy it pisses me off that none of our Sri Lankan MVPs were able to attend.

The simple reason being that the consular officer at the US visa office felt that the summit was not too important to attend for the MVPs. WTF does he know?

Google Office!

Internet news reports about an announcement that Google and Sun are to make later in the day today about Google Office. What with Office 12 in the making we Office users are going to be in for a real treat.

Having seen the screenshots of Office 12 and the video on Channel 9, I can't wait till I get my hands on this baby.