IE7 Feature #1: Reopen Closed Tabs

1 minute read

I’ve been using IE7 since the Beta 2 Preview was released a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been discovering a few gems which I feel needs to be shared. So here’s my first one.

The #1 reason why Maxthon has been my default browser is for the tabs and the fact that I can configure it to remember all the tabs that I was browsing. So in case I needed to restart (usually due to a power outage on my neck of the woods) my machine I could get back all the web pages I had open before.

Ever since I installed IE7, the geek in me made me search high and low through all the options to figure out if this feature was available when infact it was right there in front of my eyes. This has been so elegantly implemented that it’s not a geeky feature at all.

So here’s how simply it works.

Do your usually browsing and open up a bazillion windows. Close off IE and the next time you startup or start IE simply right-click on the tab and choose ‘Restore Last Tab Group’ and pronto you’ve got your IE state back.

If your new to IE each time you close a window with multiple tabs your introduced to this feature. My dear fellow developers, now this is how you write elegant software.