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Wela announced yesterday about the launch of www.imaginecupsrilanka.com. As usual a job well done by Wela and team which included both Razor and Charith.

The finals take place next Wednesday and is going to be much bigger than last time. Amity (AirNow), the team that I’m mentoring has a good chance of winning (I haven’t seen much of the other presentations though) and I wish them all the luck.

Another plus to my team is that it is dominated by women with a ratio of 3 to 1. In Sri Lanka ‘Women in IT’ is alive and kicking. The way these geek girls move around so comfortably within the Visual Studio tools can put many guys I know to shame. They tell me that they’ve only been using Visual Studio in the last five months which I find very hard to believe.

AirNow is going to KICK ASS!

PS: If you would like to come see the finals register at the site, there are a few slots available to the public.