VSTS – Multiple tests with ID <guid> found

When you trying to run your tests and you come across this error message "Multiple tests with ID <guid> found", simply hit the Refresh button on the Test Manager window and you should be all set.

Visual Studio 2008 TFS breaking Unit Test Projects

On the next iteration of my current we'll be using Visual Studio 2008 and targeting .NET 3.5.

As usual I jumped the gun and installed it before the rest of the team, so I had to keep VS 2005 running at the same time. Everything was hunky dory until I installed the TFS 2008 client. This somehow caused the unit test projects to be disconnected from the TFS server. You could check out and check in stuff from the Team Explorer but the projects were showing up as disconnected from the Solution Explorer.

To get out of this mess I had to uninstall both 2005 and 2008 Team Explorer and then reinstall Team Explorer 2005.

My First Post…

Wow, it's been more than a month since my last post from Sri Lanka. Life has been quite busy and I've been overwhelmed sometimes, but things are slowly falling into place.

After getting to Australia, my first biggest challenge was to find a place to rent. The renting system in Australia is well organized but its extremely difficult for someone who doesn't have a rental reference to get a place. I was lucky, on of my friend's friend called Priyasha drove us around on our first weekend and we ended up being able to just look at one house. As luck would have it no one else applied for the house and we finally got it.

The second challenge was to buy a car. Since my first assignment is at Microsoft Australia's SDC (Software Development Centre), I had to get a car since the public transport up there was not too good. Again Priyasha came to my rescue and we ended up buying the last car we saw that day. The car although old is in much better condition than the one I sold off in Sri Lanka and it cost me only $2,750.

We moved in the week before last and had to go around buying all the stuff for the house. I ended up getting just the minimal stuff like the fridge, washing machine, microwave. It's quite a blur, considering that I spent over a year buying all the household items and that too after doing a lot of research on each item. But here it took us a couple of hours to pick all of the items from the Good Guys store.

Plus when you move into a new house you need to do whole lot of things like getting a telephone line, electricity line, gas line, but since I could do all that over the phone it was quite pain free. I've applied for a broadband line which should be hooked up by next week.

My last post here

Looks like this will be my last blog posting from Sri Lanka. Tomorrow I'm flying out to Australia.

My new job is at Unique World and my first assignment will be on SharePoint. It's going to be tough to move over to a new country, start a new job and in the process a new life. But I'm looking forward to the challenge.

So here goes, you will be seeing a lot of SharePoint stuff on this blog in the coming months so stay tuned!


Finally a post after an awfully long time. I'm in the midst of moving my life and twitter too is to blame. In the meantime I have this cute picture of Joshua.


Following friends on Twitter

The twitter web UI has a bug when you try to follow friends.

The simplest workaround is to add friends by typing the 'follow username' command in the twitter.com site or sending it as an sms.



I just tried twitter last week and was blown away! This is one really really cool service.

For me the coolest part about it is the SMS/Texting feature. For those who haven't used it yet, think of it as a service which lets you SMS/Text all your friends by sending an SMS to just a single number that twitter gives.

Twitter then goes out and updates everyone on your list by sending them SMS plus updating a whole lot of other places like your Facebook profile, your blog...

Other features include sending the message from the Twitter website or even from a downloadable app (imagine that FREE SMS), if you want to you can send a message to just one friend.

Note to Sri Lankan users, this works find on Dialog but a few of my friends on Mobitel had trouble getting setup. If any of you get this working with Mobitel please let me know.

Once you have created a twitter account go to http://twitter.com/merill and 'follow me' to get my twitter updates. 

The two Scotts

One of the cool things that happened at the MVP Summit this year was that I got to meet two people I really admire and both of them are Scotts.

 Scott Guthrie Merill

Scott Hanselman Merill MVPs

What was even cooler was that Scott Hanselman recognized me at the summit, now that's one cool dude who knows his readers. Hai there Scott!