Debugging SQL Server 2005 Stored Procedures in Visual Studio

I used to use the debug feature in Query Analyzer when working with SQL Server 2000 quite a lot. There were a number of time when I did want to do this in SQL Server 2005 but couldn't quite figure it out. I looked high and low on SQL Server Management Studio to no avail.

The reason? Debugging was moved out of SQL Server Management Studio and into Visual Studio.

Debug SQL Server Stored Procedure

Read all about it in this article by Scott Mitchell.

Code Profiling

Until yesterday, if anyone asked me about dynamic code profiling, I would have said that the only way to do it is to buy the Red Gate ANTS Profiler or the Jet Brains dotTrace Profiler.

Little did I know that I already had an excellent profiling tool installed right there on my machine for the last couple of years!

So what am I talking about. It's the small menu option that you see under Tools called Performance. Aha so that's why I never knew about this all along. The VSTS most probably wanted this to be an easter egg!

No worries though Orcas is going to fix this by renaming it to Profiler and moving it under the new Developer menu.

No wonder that this rarely shows up on Live Search or Google. The keyword profiler is nowhere to be found even in the overview page of this feature on MSDN.

So what can you do with the profiler today? Well you can use it to make your .NET applications super-duper fast. You'll find out things like which method gets called the most and which method takes most of the time to execute and a whole number of other things.

HOWTO: View all images on a site

Did you know that you can view all the images on a site by searching for site:<url> e.g. Works on Google Image search as well.

Get to Messenger, Yahoo, Skype with the keyboard

Most IM clients minimize to the system tray which becomes a problem for keyboard freaks like me. I need to use the mouse to get to the window.

Enter Windows + B and you can use the arrow keys to choose the program and hit enter.

Another Silverlight post

I didn't want to cloud the blogosphere with yet another post on Silverlight, but this post on TechCrunch is one of the better written article on Silverlight and covers all the aspects well.

Getting your Cricket score fix

Chandana is bitching about Dialog's so called Live Updates on 777.

I've found Sky's 'Cricket Live Scores' to be pretty reliable on my really lousy phone and I only spend a few cents each time I get an update.

If you find the url too long to type:

  1. Go to 
  2. Search for 'cricket'
  3. Sky is second on the list (BBC is #1 maybe they are better)
  4. </ol>

    Remember to add 'Cricket Live Scores' to your bookmark and you wouldn't need to search each time.

About the author?

If your in the local forum you'll know by now that I'll be speaking today on RAD as in RoR speed.

What's funny is the 'About the author: (Same as before)' on the session outline.

Backup your data for free

I ran across this on ScottH's post today. The gives you 2GB of backup storage for free.

Currently, I use the free SyncBack utility to backup the stuff to an extra hard-drive on the local machine. I've thought of using GMail Drive as a remote backup option but then I would have had to muck around with all the syncing. Plus it's basically a hack with the 10MB and .zip/.exe blocking limitations of GMail.

Mozy on the other hand makes it all a breeze! The initial setup identified all my stuff like IE/Firefox favorites, contacts and email, My Documents, Visual Studio projects, the list goes on. I can also set when it should sync and how much bandwidth it should take etc. Cool!

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