What are you blogging today?

As you may have noticed I recently went through a steep learning curve on SharePoint. The best part was it turned out to be a liberation on my blogging mindset.

I started blogging back in 2003 after being inspired by Scoble and Winer. The type of blogging I was doing back then is now coined a link blog with a few of my own reflections thrown in.

If you’ve been subscribing to blogs you tend to come across posts that tell you how to write good posts, what you should have in your post and what not to post. Subconsciously these posts made me raise the bar higher and higher on the type of stuff I should be posting about.

Not anymore, bah humbug to all of those posts that tell you how to blog. I’ve since realised that every small thing I learn each day is going to help some poor soul in the future. I was that poor soul when I was (am) learning SharePoint and boy did those short tips from others really help out.

So remember no post is too small or irrelevant in the eyes of the beholder who searches for it in Google.

So show some love to your abandoned blog today.

Written on February 27, 2008