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Structured Procrastination

less than 1 minute read

This short post on Structured Procrastination by John Perry (a Stanford Professor) makes extreme sense to me. Quite scary!

BTA is hiring!

3 minute read

We’re looking for smart, talented folks to join our core group in Systems Engineering. If you get what Career Calculus is all about and are a...

zone24x7 is hiring

less than 1 minute read

Dhammika from zone24x7 just forwarded this ad to me. They’re looking for Software Engineers and Web Developers, click on the thumbnail below to see the...

MVP Summit Day 1

less than 1 minute read

There was one particular event on Day 1 that I can safely say wasn't under NDA so I'm free to blog about it. What do you think happens when 200 testosterone...

Gates wants more insourcing

less than 1 minute read

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates is asking the US government to let more foreign citizens work at US corporations. Gates says that ...