Ranaviru Fund

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Let me start by saying that I don’t believe in war, I’m more in the camp of Gandhi and Mandela who showed that although difficult you can achieve what you want through peaceful means. In short I don’t support the LTTE neither do I believe in a government that spends millions of dollars bombing it’s own people.

And every war takes it’s toll on people, leaving them mutilated, suffering and traumatized for life. The Ranaviru Fund is an effort by a few friends, some of whom I know and trust, and tries to provide some relief to those suffering.

Apparently one of the biggest needs for the veterans are gel socks and is used by amputees to help reduce their pain when the amputated stump rubs against the artificial limb. Unfortunately they cost money and they instead have to do with regular cotton socks which are ineffective in reducing pain and also wear off easily.

This is where we can help. A single gel sock costs about $10 and for the cost of a typical meal</font> we can help reduce someone’s pain for at least a year. So take 5 minutes of your time to visit http://www.ranavirufund.org/ and make at least a $10 donation through PayPal.