After seeing a few posts today about PostXING, I just downloaded it to figure out how much better it is than my current blogging tool BlogJet. This is my first entry but configuration seems to be really easy in addition to that the other features that I like are:

  • Source code formatting (especially C# and VB.NET)
  • Uploading Images (BlogJet supports this too)
  • Saving offline versions
  • Plug-ins for spell checking
  1 		private void btnTwo_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
  2 		{
  3 			btnTwo.Visible = false;
  4 			btnOne.Visible = true;
  5 			this.BackColor = Color.Red;
  6 		}


Some of the missing stuff though are:

  • Images are not being resized
  • The Categories are not displayed on a dropdown, instead I need to click on the Categories button to open up a dialog. Shortcuts keys anyone?

UPDATE: I’m giving up on PostXING just after my first post, in fact I’m already editing the PostXING post using BlogJet. Here are my reasons (in addition to the ones above).

  • I need to take an additional step when including images in the post.
  • The PostXING UI is not as responsive as BlogJet (FYI: PostXING is written in .NET)
  • I need to download additional plug-in to get the spell checker working.
Written on June 17, 2005