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Imara suffers a lot from Migraine and last week was a terrible one for her with a four day migraine that wouldn’t leave.

This prompted me to start reading up on the disease (not just a bad headache) and the Migraine Myths page was a real eye-opener.

Myth: A migraine is just a bad headache. office" />

Reality: Migraine is a disease, a headache is only a symptom. In addition, the cause of migraine pain is the opposite of the cause of headache pain.


Myth: Migraine is caused by psychological factors, such as stress and depression.

Reality: Migraine is a neurological disease, not a psychological disorder.


Myth: Migraine is not life threatening, just annoying.

Reality: Migraine can be life threatening, inducing such conditions as stroke and coma.


Myth: Any doctor will recognise and properly treat migraine.

Reality: Migraine is one of the most misdiagnosed, mistreated and least understood diseases.

The doctor whom we consulted at Apollo hospital was extremely helpful and went into great detail on how we could deal with Migraine. Unfortunately there is no cure and the only weapon that we have is to try to cut the migraine attack before it start running it’s full course.

This was his advice to us: Just as you notice a migraine coming on take one anti-migraine tablet (Imigran, Sandomigraine) if after about 30 minutes it doesn’t recede take one more. But you should never take more than 2 tablets a day and a total of 6 tablets a week. Remember that you need to always consult your physician before taking any of these medication.