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Taking the Microsoft examination between now and 31st  May 2005 will make you eligible for fabulous discounts.
January 12, 2005 to
Feb 28, 2005
Discount applicable: 30%
Promo Code: INQ330
March 1, 2005 till
April 30, 2005
Discount applicable: 25%
Promo Code: INQ325
May 1, 2005 till
May 31, 2005
Discount applicable: 20%
Promo Code: INQ320
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An employment survey (CIOL online December 1, 2004) has revealed that there has been a 13% increase in employment in the IT and ITES sectors over the last quarter. MAFOI Management Consultants also predict the creation of 60,000 new jobs in the current quarter in IT and related sectors.
Also, according to the DQ-IDC salary survey 2004, the average Indian IT salary has gone up by almost 19% in 2004.
Become a recognized expert in your field. In a competitive job market, Microsoft certification sets you apart from others by validating your skills for current and future employers. The rigorous exam development process includes extensive job task analyses, reviews by internal and external technology experts, and beta testing to ensure the relevancy and accuracy of each certification. Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) project the confidence and skills to successfully implement and support Microsoft technologies for their organization and customers.

Salaries across most certifications are up:1

All Microsoft certifications lead to higher compensation and bonuses than having no Microsoft certification.
Salaries are up three percent for MCSAs.
For MCSEs on Windows 2000, salaries have increased by 11 percent from 2002.
For developers, the more advanced the certification held, the higher the salary.
MCSDs enjoyed an eight percent year-over-year increase in salary.
1. Assess your Microsoft Technology skills at www.microsoft.com/assessment
2. Skill yourself at Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions or through self-paced training kits from Microsoft Press (www.microsoft.com/mspress/india)
3. Read the exam preparation guide (www.microsoft.com/learning/mcpexams/prepare/findexam.asp)
4. Take Practice Tests at www.microsoft.com/traincert/mcpexams/prepare/practicetests.asp
5. Find a Testing Center at www.pearsonvue.com or www.prometric.com
1 2003 survey of MCP Compensation, Microsoft certified professional magazine, August 2003

*Discount valid only if exams taken during the specified period. Exam Fees as prevailing in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. This offer is valid for exams conducted at Prometric and Vue testing centres and not applicable for Microsoft CRM exams.