Start a movement! Donate all your Google AdSense Revenue to Earthquake Relief

1 minute read

Scott Hanselman has started a wonderful campaign to donate your site's annual Google AdSense revenue to the the Asian Quake relief. I think this is a blessed idea and will help those affected in more ways than you could ever imagine.

To put things in perspective of how far $1 could go. You can provide a single person with 3 meals a day for just $1! These people need your support for the next few months till they get back on their feet and put behind the mental agony of losing their most loved ones and start building a new future.

I'm doing my small part in the blogosphere by looking up anyone who has talked or commented on anything related to the Asian Quake and posting the following comment. I hope this won't be misconstrued as spam.

I'm from Sri Lanka, one of the countries worst hit by this quake.

Although we can't do much about the dead, over a million people in Sri Lanka alone have been displaced and are facing various hardships ranging from the spread of water borne diseases to lack of clean water and shelter.

The Red Cross is doing a wonderful job in helping out, your smallest of donations along with those of the people you know (relations, colleagues) will go a long way towards helping out those who have been battered by this quake.

Thank you,