Who is Scott?

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One of my former colleagues Nadeera forwarded this mail to me, I wonder how authentic it is?</SPAN>

You must have always wondered why the username / password in SQL is Scott/Tiger....</SPAN>

Who is this Scott? Here is the answer to your query....</SPAN>

So,  who is Scott?</SPAN>

Bruce Scott was one of the first employees at Oracle (then  Software Development Laboratories). He co-founded Gupta Technology (now known as Centura Software) in 1984 with Umang Gupta, and later became CEO and founder of  PointBase, Inc.</SPAN>

Bruce was co-author and co-architect of Oracle V1, V2  and V3.</SPAN>

The SCOTT schema (EMP and DEPT tables), with password TIGER, was  created by him. Tiger was the name of his cat.</SPAN>

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Written on January 7, 2005