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I've got a really cool tip for you guys with Dialog connections. Dialog let's you divert calls to a special number (777012012). Whenever anyone calls you, when the divert is on, they get the 'mobile phone is switched off' message, even if your phone is switched on. But you immediately get an SMS that someone tried calling you along with their number. 

I can already think of a number of uses

  • When you want to avoid calls (or at a meeting) just divert all calls to this number and then you can see who is calling you even though the caller thinks your phone is switched off.
  • You can set the divert to activate when 'not reachable' on your phone (like when I'm traveling to Kandy and the connection goes off), then whenever you get connected to the network you get a list of SMS of the people who tried calling you.

One thing to note is that I'm not sure if there are any charges involved. I got the tip from my good friend Siva and he mentioned that he didn't get any additional charges on the bill. I checked the Dialog site (it looks much better now) but couldn't find any info on this service, so try this at your own risk.

This doesn't seem to work with KIT connections though.