Azure AD PowerShell script to generate a report on authentication methods registered by your users

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The new User Authentication Methods Activity report is great. Did you know it has an awesome API as well?

The /reports/credentialUserRegistrationDetails method let’s you pull out this information quickly.

Here is a PowerShell script to extract this into a csv.

Import-Module Microsoft.Graph.Authentication
Connect-MgGraph -Scopes 'Reports.Read.All'
$reportJson = Invoke-GraphRequest -Uri '$top=1000' -Method GET

$summary = @()
    foreach($item in $reportJson.value)
        Write-Host "Getting" $item.userPrincipalName
        $itemInfo = [pscustomobject]@{
            id = $
            userPrincipalName = $item.userPrincipalName
            userDisplayName = $item.userDisplayName
            isSsprRegistered = $item.isRegistered
            isSsprEnabled = $item.isEnabled
            isSsprOrMfaCapable = $item.isCapable
            isMfaRegistered = $item.isMfaRegistered
            authMethods = $item.authMethods -join ','
            appNotification = $item.authMethods -contains "appNotification"
            appCode = $item.authMethods -contains "appCode"
            mobilePhone = $item.authMethods -contains "mobilePhone"
            alternateMobilePhone = $item.authMethods -contains "alternateMobilePhone"
            officePhone = $item.authMethods -contains "officePhone"
            email = $item.authMethods -contains "email"
            securityQuestion = $item.authMethods -contains "securityQuestion"

        $summary += $itemInfo
    if($null -ne $reportJson.'@odata.nextLink') { $reportJson = Invoke-GraphRequest -Uri $reportJson.'@odata.nextLink' }
} while ($null -ne $reportJson.'@odata.nextLink') 

Write-Host "Writing to CredentialUserRegistrationDetails.csv"
$summary | Export-Csv -Path .\CredentialUserRegistrationDetails.csv -NoTypeInformation