Intune Custom Notifications

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Google recently released the details of some major iOS security flaws. The good thing is that Apple already released the patch for five of them in the iOS 12.4 update a few weeks ago. The bad thing is that more than 90% of our corporate user base did not have the update applied.

This is a brilliant opportunity to use Intune’s new Custom Notifications feature to target and notify just the devices that haven’t yet updated to the latest version.

To do this you start by creating a dynamic group in Azure AD using the ‘Dynamic Devices’ option. The query for the group is fairly simple and goes like this

(device.deviceOSType -in ["iOS","IPhone", "IPad", "IPod"]) -and (device.deviceOSVersion -ne "12.4")

Dynamic membership rule

Wait for the group to be populated (might take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more depending on how many devices you have in your Azure AD).

Next go to Intune > Devices > Send custom notifications to compose and send out the notifications to your users. You can keep sending this everyday and since this is just a dynamic group it will target the remaining devices that haven’t been updated.

Intune custom notifications