Could it be true? Is Live Search (Kumo) really getting better than the great Goog?

less than 1 minute read

So I wanted to find a tool that would do fast folder comparisons. Searching on Google gave me a lot of useless stuff most of them related to fast folder access or folder comparison but not ‘fast folder comparison’.

On a whim I switched and lo and behold I was presented with UltraCompare in the search results with this to say:

Save time by performing an extremely fast folder comparison using just the sizes and timestamps of corresponding files.

Even a quoted search for “fast folder comparison” returns 8 results in Live but just 2 in Google.

Will I switch to Live search? No.

But something to keep in mind when I’m not getting the results I want on Google.

BTW: The Google Search Wiki is certainly intriguing. I totally dig neat Ajax stuff.