A Personal Blog: Spaces vs Blogger

1 minute read

I’ve been wanting to start a personal blog for sometime and finally went ahead with it.

This post though is not about my personal blog but rather about which platform I chose. I’ve been blogging for nearly five years now and went the geek way and hosted my platform. But I’m now fed up with having to maintain the stuff myself whenever new versions are released.

I really wanted to use MSN Live Spaces since it had the nice integration with Messenger and the new Live bits that were going to be released excited me. But after spending a couple of hours tinkering with it I was finally put off by the obnoxious advertising. Not only were they flashy images, there were two of them a big banner as well as one on the right hand.

I was debating between Blogger and WordPress and then went ahead with Blogger as I could host it on my own domain. Other things that pushed me towards Google was that I already had my email hosted at Google, Feedburner integration.

On a side note, for those interested, my personal blog is at http://merill.blogspot.com until I get Custom Domains with Yahoo sorted out. But hey Blogger has permanent redirects so there’s nothing to worry. Really.