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Prasanna’s session on NHibernate at this month’s user group meeting was a really cool eye opener into the world of ORM. I’ve heard a lot about Hibernate never truly realized that it was fast becoming so popular and is now taking on heavyweights like EJBs.

With ObjectSpaces looking more like a distant dream, NHibernate is for the here and now. Prasanna did a really super job in explaining the concepts as well as getting down the nitty gritty and walking us through code demos to show how a refined object oriented architecture can be used to build Enterprise apps. Kudos to him!

Get the slides and the demo from here.


Oh and by the way, since our first anniversary of the .NET User Group is coming up in a couple of months we were planning on holding some sort of tournament that all our user group member could take part in. A lot of ideas were bandied about and we’re now choosing between a six-a-side cricket tournament or an indoor cricket tournament. What do you guys think?