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Here’s a useful script I wrote the other day. This uses a few PowerShell modules to pull together information about all the Power BI workspaces in your Microsoft 365 tenant. This also includes the names of the Workspace/Group owners.

#Install-Module AzureAD
#Install-Module MicrosoftPowerBIMgmt

$workspaces = Get-PowerBIWorkspace -Scope Organization -All
$wslist = @()
foreach ($ws in $workspaces) {
    $owners = $null
    if ($ws.State -eq 'Active') { 
        if ($ws.Type -eq 'Workspace') {
            $u = $ws.Users | Where-Object AccessRight -eq 'Admin' | Select-Object UserPrincipalName
            Write-Host $u
            $owners = $u.UserPrincipalName -join ","
        elseif ($ws.Type -eq 'Group') {
            $go = Get-AzureADGroupOwner -ObjectId $ws.ID 
            $owners = $go.UserPrincipalName -join "," 
    $item = [ordered] @{
        Id                    = $ws.ID
        Name                  = $ws.Name
        Type                  = $ws.Type
        State                 = $ws.State
        IsReadOnly            = $ws.IsReadOnly
        IsOrphaned            = $ws.IsOrphaned
        IsOnDedicatedCapacity = $ws.IsOnDedicatedCapacity
        CapacityId            = $ws.CapacityId
        Owners                = $owners
    $u = new-object PSObject -Property $item
    $wslist += $u
$wslist | Export-Csv .\PowerBI-Workspaces.csv -NoTypeInformation

Update: Brent Pearce reached out to me with this note. “However I did have to tweak it a bit. Seems the Workspaces of type ‘Workspace’ the .User.UserPrincipalName is blank but the User.Identifier is populated.”