Rant: Windows 10 better be stellar

1 minute read

We have gone through this cycle with Microsoft when it comes to Windows Phone.

At first it was Windows Mobile that was abandoned for a couple of years and Microsoft said wait for Windows Phone 7 it will fix everything. When it came out it had a quarter of the functionality that Windows Mobile had (it was a neat OS though and it's why I'm still sticking with Windows Phones).

Then there was a year of no updates and we were told wait for Windows Phone 8 we are making them all run the same OS. So we waited and when it came out it had a fragmented app store for Windows and voip business phone systems. The functionality gap was still not bridged.

Yesterday the Xbox Music app team (blues their souls) post their last update and tell us wait-for-it 'there will be no more updates because we're now working on Windows 10'. Yes we have a new crew at Microsoft so we're waiting with baited breath for this new Windows Unicorn version that's finally going to merge all platforms (heck they are even including Xbox One now) and bridge the functionality gap with iOS and Android. All the while the bloody OS can't still run a proper VOIP app because it doesn't support these types of apps running in the background to receive incoming calls. iOS 3 was able to do this for crying out loud. Okay rant done. Go read more here For Microsoft's sake Windows 10 better be stellar PS: I am still a huge WP fan and the core user experience in Windows Phone is miles ahead of iOS and Android when it comes to the most important things like the live tiles, the insane keyboard (typed this whole post on the phone), minimalist UX and so much more.