CKS: World Clock and Weather WebPart with Proxy Support

less than 1 minute read

I recently had to add proxy support to the Community Kit for SharePoint: World Clock and Weather WebPart.

IT Teams usually like to lock down the proxy server and are not happy when they need to allow anonymous access for outgoing requests.

Looking around none of the the free ones seem to support this. Not even the cool, free Silverlight one from Bamboo Solutions.

So I added proxy support to the CKS World Clock and Weather WebPart that was released on CodePlex (v1.0.15 to be exact). I looked at the licenses and I don’t think I’m breaking any of them by sharing the source code and the setup over at MSDN Code Gallery.

There were numerous posts on various forums wishing to enable proxy server support. So here’s hoping someone might find it useful.


Download CKS: Weather WebPart with Poxy - Setup