My First Post…

1 minute read

Wow, it's been more than a month since my last post from Sri Lanka. Life has been quite busy and I've been overwhelmed sometimes, but things are slowly falling into place.

After getting to Australia, my first biggest challenge was to find a place to rent. The renting system in Australia is well organized but its extremely difficult for someone who doesn't have a rental reference to get a place. I was lucky, on of my friend's friend called Priyasha drove us around on our first weekend and we ended up being able to just look at one house. As luck would have it no one else applied for the house and we finally got it.

The second challenge was to buy a car. Since my first assignment is at Microsoft Australia's SDC (Software Development Centre), I had to get a car since the public transport up there was not too good. Again Priyasha came to my rescue and we ended up buying the last car we saw that day. The car although old is in much better condition than the one I sold off in Sri Lanka and it cost me only $2,750.

We moved in the week before last and had to go around buying all the stuff for the house. I ended up getting just the minimal stuff like the fridge, washing machine, microwave. It's quite a blur, considering that I spent over a year buying all the household items and that too after doing a lot of research on each item. But here it took us a couple of hours to pick all of the items from the Good Guys store.

Plus when you move into a new house you need to do whole lot of things like getting a telephone line, electricity line, gas line, but since I could do all that over the phone it was quite pain free. I've applied for a broadband line which should be hooked up by next week.