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James Governor, an analyst. talks about how the WS02 guys cherish their developers.

What a nice change from the norm- where corporate web sites only have bios for the most senior execs. We'll be keeping an eye out for more about pages citing devs. Can you suggest any?

It shows guts to provide email addresses and links for to one of your most valuable resources - developers. But these days if you don't turn your colleagues into stars someone else will.

I can remember when I once interviewed at Virtusa, Keith Modder, an MD there, said something which went a long way to impress on me how much they valued their engineers. To paraphrase him “Everday at 5.00pm when the guys leave work, the value of this company goes down to $0. Bottom line we know our priorities.”

Talking of WS02, it’s  good to see the faces of some of the guys I’ve had an opportunity to work with in the past including Thilina, Ruwan, Ishan and Chamil.

BTW: Chamil, you need to fix the link to IT Ambalama from your profile.