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This is wicked cool! Check out google code search to find out how various commands are being used by developers.

Say you want to figure out how to use the File.ReadAllText method from C#, it’s as simple as typing lang:C# File.ReadAllText and this is what you get. For VB use lang:basic File.ReadAllText

What’s cool is that it even looks up code inside zip files. Wait, it gets better, drill-down into a hit and you see a list of all the other code files in that zip/project. 

No more downloading code samples to figure out how a command is being. To keep things clear the license under which the code is published is displayed as part of the result.

I’ve been living on Live search for the past four weeks, but I’ll definitely be relying on Google for code search.

Check out the Advanced Search to figure out what the options are.

One feature that should be added though would be color coding. I’m sure it must be in the works though.