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Sri Lanka is finally starting to take it’s fledgling steps in moving to the internet. Yesterday, I booked tickets through (wow 2006 and finally).

The whole experience was quite good, but it will be a long time before these become mainstream (I’m only talking about Colombo). One impeding factor is that unlike in most other countries, the business model is not ad based instead an additional payment of 25/– is charged for each ticket. Given that these reservations are only available for balcony tickets this is not a major problem because I learned how to sell tickets online a while ago and understand the process.

In addition to this the membership fee costs 250/– but as a promotional offer is free till August 23 (tomorrow). If I were you I would simply create a login for myself just in case. My advise to the company, drop this membership business. uses a simple AJAXy interface to show the box plan and allows you to select the seats you want to book and add them to your shopping cart.

The current listing shows only Liberty and Majestic cinemas, but they plan to add more stuff like concerts, theater and seminars.

Oh and BTW the site is developed using ASP.NET, goody, goody!