June User Group Meeting

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This month’s user group meeting would go down as one of the funnier ones. Imagine me presenting in a pitch dark room with no lights, I only realized how hilarious it was after I saw Wela doing his presentation (mine was the first). All I could see from the back was his black silhouette against the presentation backdrop. I would definitely have been a sight to watch (and not in a good way).

Overall I enjoyed doing yesterday’s presentation which had zero demos, but we really did spend time drilling through the CLR, exception handling, garbage collection best practices with a heavy dose of the IDisposable interface thrown in for good measure.

If you were at yesterday’s session please do leave your comments (both good and bad are equally welcome).

I’ll also post the link to the slide once Wela uploads them somewhere.

Wela’s presentation on CSS, Themes and Skins was quite insightful. I learnt a couple of tricks including Style Hierarchies in CSS as well as the abc’s on ASP.NET Theming.