Imagine Cup – Panchayudha Wins!

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After a gruelling 3 hours the winners of Imagine Cup ‘06 were announced for the Sri Lanka. It was great to see the time and effort that all the teams had put into preparing their presentations. There were video clips and full 3D animations to convey the solutions they were offering.

Unfortunately although four of the five finalists were from Colombo University, it was the team from Moratuwa University that stole the crown. There were lots of opinions on who should have wont it, and my take on the matter is that although there were better polished and more complete solutions it was the Panchayudha solution which had a unique outlook on solving a real world problem and doing so, they have a better prospect representing Sri Lanka at the global finals.

Kudos to Jina from Microsoft who organized and ran the entire show which went quite well given the logistics of planning an event with over 20 students presenting.