Visual Studio Community Launch at Moratuwa

1 minute read

Wela and I had a blast at the University of Moratuwa last week where we hosted the Visual Studio Community Launch for about 200 odd students.

Wela started off with the session on Smart Clients which he claims he could now do in his sleep (he did the exact same sessions at the Microsoft launch for an audience of about 1400 and then at the University of Colombo for about 350 students).

My talk on ASP.NET went pretty well except for a small hiccup at the end. Given that the presentation was 80% demo with over a 100 steps plus I just prepared for it the previous day staying up will 2.00am.

We then broke away from launch theme and Wela showed off the Atlas stuff that had just been demoed at the MIX06 conference.

Thanks to Microsoft who sponsored the event with refreshments as well as loads of giveaways.

Events like these let me do my bit by giving back to the Sri Lankan community.  I get to talk about the tools and technologies that I’m passionate about as well as use day-in day-out. Plus I get to help make the next generation of graduates more prepard for the industry that they are going to enter.

We also have a few other universities that we are planning to hold the launches in the next month or so, if your university is interested feel free to leave a comment.

Now, I need to get back to judging those Imagine Cup proposals.