Lunch with Jim and Rasmus

During lunch today I was joined at my table by Rasmus Lerdof (the creator of PHP) and Jim Zemlin the executive director of FSG (Free Standards Group). Jim is the guy who pushes the Linux Standards Base and tries to ensure that Linux doesn't fragment the way that Unix did.

Both Rasmus and Jim were enjoying their stay in Colombo and Jim was really into the Sri Lankan culinary, he was going for seconds as well which is quite rare given how spicy Sri Lankan food generally is.

The session following lunch was taken by the lively Danese Cooper from Intel. Danese has a funky unofficial title as the Open Source Diva and one of her key achievements was to lobby Sun into open sourcing Open Office during the time she was employed there.

The session that is currently in progress is by Hugo Wisidagama, the director of MNet. MNet is a local software service company that is focused on providing services based on open source service. Their unique business model is built on selling their expertise on various open source software stacks to companies.

Written on September 7, 2005