Back Online

1 minute read

Ahh.. Feels so sweet to be back online. My hosting server got screwed up and I had to wait till Madura got back to work to fix it up. Wierdly, all that was needed was to just start up the IIS service. Grr... why didn't I look into that.

Lot's of stuff has been happening since I was offline. The Tech.Ed site ( went live, registrations have now opened for Tech.Ed. Loads of very, very cool stuff planned. Even more loads of giveaways. Boy, this is going to be a whole lot of geek goodness.

I just found out from Madura that Kavinda left for Boston in the morning today and I was thinking that he was leaving tonight. Hope he finds time to blog from there.

My cousin brother Tarin got married week before last (my brother and I were the 'best-men'), the count-down to my wedding has started (that's right folks Jan 28th '06 is my D-Day).

Ed was down here last week for a couple of days and spent a whole day with me taking me through all the stuff that I should know about as a Developer Evangelist. I keep pinching myself that I am now a Microsoftee and a Developer Evangelist at that too. What can I say, I'm super excited!