MVP Night

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To continue on with yesterday’s post, after the Imagine Cup judging was over all the MVPs got together and went for a night out. We first hung around at the pool parlor waiting for Ed, Stanley and Jinashri to turn up. I’m not much of a pool player but Manzi was a natural. We even had a Manzi vs. Ed with Manzi coming out on top, Ed’s excuse was that he needed some beer to steady his hands.

We then headed over to the bowling alley and the MVPs fired on all guns to leave the Microsoft guys in the dust. Ruwan and Manzi did all the damage. Any MVPs in Singapore who want to take on the Sri Lankan golden boys?


Ed taking aim, while Ruwan goes for his shot.


IMG_0466 IMG_0467

Stanley taking it cool with the beer and Ruwan in action.

IMG_0471  IMG_0469

Hmm… Ed and Manzi have seem to have identical bowling styles.


Hey Alan, where’s the ball dude!