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Come on guys, what are you waiting for? Add yourself to the local blogosphere!

Kottu Blog Drive:

That’s right boys and girls, it’s competition time! Seeing the growth of our little local blogosphere in the past few months, Indi and I have decided that it’s time to put you guys to the test. Yup, it’s time to head out and get your friends / parents / brothers / sisters / boyfriends / girlfriends / pets to start blogging.

What are the rules, dude?
Rules? Rules suck man. But no, seriously, there are a few.

  1. Entries will close on 28th April 2005.
  2. The blogger with the most number of new blogger friends introduced will get the prize.
  3. Minimum ammount of new bloggers per person is 3. If you don’t have at least three, don’t bother entering.
  4. Your new bloggers must be active, and must make at least 5 posts before you can enter them on your form.
  5. If we find anyone has been posing as a new blogger or has otherwise cheated in any way, we will steal all their Mp3s and then trash their hard drive. And oh, we wont consider them for the prize as well.

So like, what are the prizes man?
Shut up and listen. The winner (as in, the blogger who has introduced the most number of new bloggers by the end of the competition) will get 1 years free hosting and a free domain name. Rumour also has it that he / she might be taken aboard kottu to work with the rest of the (rather overworked) staff.

So why are you guys doing this?
I told you, shut up.

I’ve already converted some bloggers, can I enter them?
No sorry, you can’t. Conversions start from today, April 6th.

When will the winner be announced?
Well, Indi and I are planning to go down to Pilawoos (or another suitable sayvar kade) on the 29th or 30th and eat some kottu. We hope that many (or even) some of you will be able to make it. The winner will be announced there (probably over an iced milo), as well as later, on this website.

So how do I enter man?
After you’ve got three of your friends / enemies blogging, send me their URIs with a brief description of each blogger. If you get three at first and then get more later, you can send them in batches. Just make sure you send me the first three as soon as you complete them.

So who’s going to judge?
Indi and I.

What if I have more questions, dude?
Post them as comments and I’ll add them to this FAQ. Now be a good little fellow and run along.

So yeah, it’s time to send out some emails, go door to door and generally convert more bloggers. A bigger community means more discussion, and that’s always good, isn’t it? So get going - let the initiations begin!

[Via Mahangu.org]