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Manoj has posted the presentation that he made at the last .NET User Group meeting in Colombo. Going by the slides on the presentation it looks like I've missed out on one of the best presentations that we've had at our user group.

And speaking on Manoj, he's gotta be one of the best MVP DJ's that we have. (I wonder how many MVP are DJs?) Manoj was the DJ at my sister's wedding a couple of weeks ago. And boy was his blend of English, Tamil and Sinhala songs are delight to listen to. It was like listening to a smoothly flowing wave. There weren't any interruptions or quick bursts from one song to the other. My man Manzi knows what he's doing.

That reminds me, I haven't posted the video clips and pics from the Christmas party that Microsoft hosted for us after the ASOCIO. Boy did we have a good time. Manoj, Alanzo (Microsoft) and even Sriyan (Microsoft's Country Manager) took turns banging away at the guitar.

Manzi rocks! .NET really 'ROCKS'!