Sighseeing in Boston

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Damnath (my co-worker in Boston) took Lasantha and me out sightseeing in Boston today. We went out to Cambridge and checked out Harvard and MIT, with its old Victorian style buildings Harvard looked familiar to the buildings over in Sri Lanka. Over at MIT we went through the “Infinite Corridor”, we took a detour though and were able to get out of infinitum!

We then went over to the Museum of Fine Arts, I was enthralled by the number of authentic pieces of art from all over the world. I have never seen so much art in my whole lifetime. The pieces ranged from art from the Ancient World (Babylon, Greek, Indian) to European (The Renaissance) to recent art from the Americas.

I wish we had planned earlier and had spent a whole day, so that we could have covered more of the museum. Maybe next time.

The only downside to the day was Damnath getting not one, but two parking tickets.