The state of the nation

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Everything seems to be going downhill, I had to wait for an hour to get some fuel for my car. Interest rates are supposed to go up by the end of the year. Will we Sri Lankans never learn?

Fomenting religious dissent was also part of the well orchestrated campaign of the then opposition, but in government today, it is called upon to bell the cat with the JHU demanding the Anti Conversion Bill be passed into law given the green light of the Supreme Court. To top it all, with prices already skyrocketing, the government last week asked the people to brace themselves for further hikes. </span></font></p>

And the irony of it all is that the very reasons adduced by the President and the UPFA for the ouster of the UNF such as the preparation to negotiate the ISGA with the LTTE, allowing the Tigers to set up camps in Trincomalee such as at Manirasakulam, providing duty free facilities to bring vehicles and equipment to the country in addition to helicopter rides and other violations of the ceasefire agreement, are all reenacted today, now with the blessings of the very President and the UPFA. </span></font></p>