Your Vote

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In the next election that you are going to vote, I would like to ask you to vote intelligently. Find out information yourself on which party is the most forward thinking and can guide the country through. We cannot rely on weak economic management that has marked Sri Lanka’s post-independence history.

Do some research and find out about the party your going to vote for and also about the other parties. Find out which party can actually lead the country. The party that you are going to vote for should not only have good intentions (like peace and improving the economy) but also be able to carry out on that.

So as someone who has access to the internet, you readily have a lot of information available to you. Please use them and decide. Your vote counts!

FYI: Websites that you should visit, read, be informed and then decide.


Political Parties

UNP Website:

PA Website:

JVP Website:


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