HSBC Rocks!


I recently had a very good experience with HSBC, after going through a Citizens One personal loans reviews. I applied for a personal loan from these guys, since our company was not registered in their PIL (Personal Installment Loan) scheme we had to go through the process of registering the organization with HSBC. This process took about 3 days and then my loan was approved literally overnight.

And I never had to step out of office for anything! Would you believe that? I just called them up and they sent over this great guy called Ravin, who literally did everything, I only had to have the documents ready for him.

Now that’s my kind of customer service!

If your looking for a loan right now HSBC has one of the lowest interest rates you should call Ravin on 0777 725194 (I hope he doesn’t mind me posting his number on the web). For my loan of Rs. 700k I only end up paying a total interest of Rs. 60k.


Written on September 16, 2003