Fix: Windows 10 (Technical Preview) OneDrive Sync Issues with Office 2016 Preview

After installing the Office 2016 Preview on build 10074 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview I came across a recurring sync issue with OneDrive. All the Office documents would show up with the following error ‘Files can’t be synced. Open the document in Office for more info.’
It didn’t make any difference if you opened the document in Word, Excel and saved them back they would still show up with sync errors.

To fix the issue I turned off the ‘Use Office to sync files faster and work on files with other people at the same time’ from the Settings tab (right click the OneDrive icon on the status bar). An Exit and restart of OneDrive fixed the issue and everything comes up green again.

I’m guessing this is something to do with the Office 2016 preview since I’ve been running Windows 10 TP for a few months now and didn’t have any sync issues.

This not only fixed the sync issue but also made Office use the local files instead of taking a few seconds connecting to OneDrive each time I saved.


I know you can buy Microsoft Office for Mac now, but after all these years, I’m going to stick to what I know.

Fix: Windows 10 (Technical Preview) OneDrive Sync Issues with Office 2016 Preview

7 thoughts on “Fix: Windows 10 (Technical Preview) OneDrive Sync Issues with Office 2016 Preview

  1. BrandonLive says:

    I have these errors appear for some Office files (both Word and Excel), *but* it seems they’re superfluous, as the changes I make *do* make it to the OneDrive server. So for now I’m ignoring them (and double checking that important changes are up there before sharing). Hoping a new Windows or Office preview build addresses this soon.

  2. You might want to be careful though. I once lost a couple of days worth of updates to a document because the sync hadn’t happened and I re-installed Windows without first backing up the local OneDrive.

  3. midhenry says:

    Unbelievably, this issue still exists as of today 11/11/2015. Merrill’s fix worked perfectly.
    I was not having a problem until I installed Office 2016 (Office 2013 was working fine). Installing Office 2016 was the only change I made. After installation I opened a spreadsheet I had been working on, edited it and then clicked the floppy save icon (like I always do). Immediately CPU usage went to approx 90% and stayed there for a half hour. Syncing did not occur. My file tree in explorer was corrupted (see attached image), etc. A complete mess.
    Oh, and for sure, this is a Office 2016 problem. One drive worked fine copying pasting, moving both office and non-office files. Nice and snappy. The problem only occurred when saving an Office file using Office 2016.
    Obviously MS didn’t pick this up as a bug last May. Who knows, maybe they will discover they have a problem in the next year or so.

  4. midhenry says:

    I should have mentioned that obviously I don’t really have a dozen or so “Documents” folders. That’s just part of the flaky stuff that happens when you “save” using an Office 2016 app. Not to worry, they go away in a few hours.

  5. Tonia says:

    I have Office 2013 and I am getting this issue. I noticed it about 3 weeks back, but just ignored it, and now I see it has affected another file in a different folder. I cannot find how to get to the settings for my OneDrive folder, so can someone please advise? Thanks.

  6. Robert Casper says:

    Thanks for the fix and thank God for the web. MS Tech Support is useless. Stupid MS chat tech started going through my MS Word settings and other stupid checklist items.

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