Windows 7 beta and the beta nVidia Driver

Two words: Don’t install

This is what nVidia says and you typically get it through Windows Update. I suffered with the title bar going missing and ugly black blocks on my desktop for a week before I figured that the nVidia beta drivers were to blame. It looks like others too are having the same problem.

It appears on Windows Update as: NVIDIA driver update for NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS (Prerelease – WDDM 1.1) Optional

If you already installed it you can either Rollback the Update:

  1. Start-> type in ‘Device Manager’ and open it
  2. Expand the Display adapters node
  3. Double-click the NVIDIA node
  4. On the Driver tab click ‘Roll Back Driver’

Or you could uninstall the driver

  1. Start –> type in ‘Programs’ and launch ‘Add or remove programs’
  2. In the search box (top right) type in ‘nvidia’
  3. Right-click and uninstall the ‘NVIDIA Drivers’

After one (sometimes two) re-boots you should be all set.

Windows 7 beta and the beta nVidia Driver

4 thoughts on “Windows 7 beta and the beta nVidia Driver

  1. Albert says:

    hey Radi,

    He is referring to the update to the driver that he already has, so the driver he uses is the one that Windows Update gives him, without the recently published update to the driver.

    As for me, the update failed to install in the first place, so i had no problems here. Using build 7000, cant wait for the real thing. 🙂

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