Tech.Ed Keynote Review

My thoughts on the keynote that was presented at Tech.Ed Sri Lanka.

To start off with the keynote was way too long and went on for what felt like four hours. I expected the presenters to excite the large gathering of developers about the new innovations that will be comnig in the .NET platform. Instead the damn PeopleReady message was stuffed down our throats. Repeatedly.

What do I care about some marketing initiative bs from Microsoft? Is this the sign of things to come with SteveB taking over the reins? I sure hope not.

The demos by Matty on the other hand were a treat to watch.

Tech.Ed Keynote Review

One thought on “Tech.Ed Keynote Review

  1. I agree with you Merill because the opening keynote was too long and it was boring for us. It was very hard to listen to some of the speeches and some of us felt sleepy. We didn’t expect such a thing.Some presentators just started reading the presentation.

    Also I must mention about the program shedule.The orgernizers started changing the shedule every day. If they are changing it day by day why they gave us a pocket guide with the final program.

    The sessions done by Chad Hower was superb and hope that he will do some sessions for the next year teched as well.

    All together it was a good experiance and I must thank Microsoft and .NET Forum for orgernizing such a event.

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