Imagine Cup – Panchayudha Wins!

After a gruelling 3 hours the winners of Imagine Cup ‘06 were announced for the Sri Lanka. It was great to see the time and effort that all the teams had put into preparing their presentations. There were video clips and full 3D animations to convey the solutions they were offering.

Unfortunately although four of the five finalists were from Colombo University, it was the team from Moratuwa University that stole the crown. There were lots of opinions on who should have wont it, and my take on the matter is that although there were better polished and more complete solutions it was the Panchayudha solution which had a unique outlook on solving a real world problem and doing so, they have a better prospect representing Sri Lanka at the global finals.

Kudos to Jina from Microsoft who organized and ran the entire show which went quite well given the logistics of planning an event with over 20 students presenting.

Imagine Cup – Panchayudha Wins!

6 thoughts on “Imagine Cup – Panchayudha Wins!

  1. Bogika Senarathna says:

    I would like to comment on ur guess about the winnner. their solution may be polished and complete, but was it fit in to the judging criteria (Ed presented just before announcing the winners). And what about the innovativeness? What was new with them ?
    Most of the teams presented solutions which are practically less feacible in implementing (Including Panchayudha, Mothers in Sri Lanaka will never be able to upload there (scaned) medical reports to the web)
    Demonstration facilities provided for complex solution implementors were very poor there.I think most of ppl noticed that due to the power failures during the presentations.
    It was just a web app to me and I think the real winners are not them ……….. This should not happen again….

  2. kasun senaviratna. says:

    Not only to you, it is a very simple web application to me and I think most of the people think so except judging pannel and Moratuwa people. Also it has no innovative idea to present. so, what happen to the theme of the Microsoft Imagine Cup. I think all of the other teams are better than the winning team. This kind of things should not happen again. what is the meaning of competing this team to the world round, because it is only a very simple database application.

  3. Nilushan Silva says:

    It is so true. Bogika and Kasun conveys the message which all those who experienced the event thinks.

    Merill says..

    "Panchayudha solution which had a unique outlook on solving a real world problem and doing so, they have a better prospect representing Sri Lanka at the global finals"

    Merill can u please justify what u mean by this??? I read this over and over again and tried to understand what is the UNIQUE Outlook in the Panchayudha? it was just worse than a first year project given to any Undergradguate of Sri Lanka….

    Why does the judging panel want to redicule Sri Lanka at the international level by showing out to the world we are still at very pathetic level technology wise, by acknowledging simple web apps.. as greate creative imaginative world class innovations???

    I’m disgusted by the people who try to show to the world that Sri Lanka is still at such a low level of creativeness.

    ALL I want to say is that dont redicule Sri Lanka at the international level,

  4. Gayan says:

    Hey what the fuss this people to trying to made.
    I would like to ask a simple questions from all of three people.
    Is anybody have read the executive summary of the Project Panchauda?
    I know you people wants to see other team to win.
    But don’t try to neglecting others solution.

    Seems that you people didn’t see the presentation well.
    Be honest to appreciate others achievements.
    After the selecting winners we have dicuss the good and bad points with Ed.
    Wela also there. Can’t remember about Merill.
    You can ask those from them if it is ok to them.

    I’ll tell you the key features of the project Panchauda as far as I know. There may be more features.

    Vedio Conferencing Module. (They have done it alone. They couldn’t find help from .Net Forum about it.)
    SMS Notification System. (Sending and Receiving)
    Localization. (Web and Mobile Solution both. And flexibilty to add any language)
    Web and Mobile Solutions
    Chat system

    Those are the unique solutions available in Panchauda.
    So don’t lies in publicly.

    When we are competiting last year UCSC team were very friendly with us. They have done Mobile Reporter. They are very good friends of mine (Tharindu Bamunuarachchi, Asanka, etc). Now they are working in big companies with high salary rates.

    So you people better focus on ur professional carrier rather than telling lies.
    If you have any questions about the project mail to me.
    [email protected]


  5. Siril says:

    Hi All,
    I think Microsoft people found a best set of judges. They not only from national level, but also from International level. I don’t know why those guys suffer on that.
    I was at the taj. I saw all 5 presentations. I’m not going to critizise them.

    What is the imagination ???? I think imagination is how we can imagine a practical solution. What is the practicalness of plantation in mars ?? They are just "SURANGANA KATHA".

    Sleep well, Dream well… Whole project was based on one reaserch. I think this project is good for "egg-farms". Because we can have 2 eggs in a single day by creating 2 nights artificially. So what is the practicalness of those imaginations..?

    And no need to explain others… Because they have put below to 3rd place by judging pannel.

    But Panchayudha was realy practicable solution.Because of its lots of functainalities. As the person called "Gayan" says, it has many functionalities.

    I don’t know why others can’t bear the winning of team "ARUNALU"?????
    Actually I’m proud of you… As Microsoft says in Sunday Observer, Lankadeepa, and all other Sunday papers.

    Make the SRI LANKA proud in world competition.

    Now Minister of Health, and other gov. authorities have try to implement the system in Sri Lanka. Then the moto of imagine cup will become true. "You win, All are win ……"

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