Two Mahanayakas condemn monks’ election bid

The country’s top two Buddhist prelates yesterday condemned the decision by
a section of Buddhist monks to contest in the forthcoming general election.

In a joint statement, the Most Venerable Rambukwelle Sri Vipassi Maha Nayaka thera
and the Most Venerable Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha Maha Nayaka thera said, “It
had been said in the media that Bhikkus are going to contest the forthcoming general
election citing various reasons.

“This is the beginning of a grave calamity to the Buddha Sasana. Therefore for
no reason can this be approved. Both the clergy and the laity who are concerned about
the Sasana are astonished by this move. They are distressed.

“When considering the historical background it is clear that Bhikkus have served
as advisors and mentors to those who governed while attending to the spiritual needs
of the people.

“Therefore the responsibility of the Bhikkus is to act in an advisory capacity
as aforesaid,” the two prelates stated. [ColomboPage]

Two Mahanayakas condemn monks’ election bid

One thought on “Two Mahanayakas condemn monks’ election bid

  1. Dammika says:

    These so called Mahanayakas are just sitting their "Hansi puttuwa" and just make comments. So many times I wonder why they give this So called "Mahanayakas" position to these old monks. IT should be given to relatively young monks who can work for people and well being of the country (at the same time making harmony with other religions in this country). Also at the same time they should be able to come forward when country needed.

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